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Steve Jobs

1955 - 2011
The founder of Apple Computer
comes to you exactly how all of us will always remember him –
in his blue jeans and black pullover.

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Bill Gates

1955 -
The founder of Microsoft comes in a classic look with grey pants, a pullover and a shirt. His mug includes the C:\ - sign – a tribute to MS-DOS

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Steve Wozniak

1950 -
Co-founded Apple Computer
with Steve Jobs and later on worked on the 1st tech-scientific calculator “HP-35“

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Jonathan Ive

1967 -
Jony is currently „Senior Vice President of Design“ at Apple. One of his recent designs is the camera “Leica M”.

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Mark Zuckerberg

1984 -
The founder of the largest social network Facebook never shows up without his laptop.

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Tim Cook

1960 -
In 2011 Steve Jobs made him his successor as CEO at Apple. Tim comes to you with the iPhone 5C.

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Phil Schiller

1960 -
The CMO is one of the pillars of Apple. In 2013 he presented the new Mac Pro. Make him present it to you as well.

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Elon Musk

1971 -
inventor and founder of Tesla, PayPal, Space X and SolarCity, his latest company and project is called Hyperloop

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Albert Einstein

1879 - 1955
The physicist is world famous for the theory of relativity and his research fundamentally altered the physical worldview.

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Alan Turing

1912 - 1954
The inventor of the Turing machine is today regarded as one of the most influential theorists of the early computer science.

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Stephen Hawking

1942 - 2018
The British physicist delivered important papers on cosmology, general relativity theory and black hole physics.

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The Next One

Soon the mask falls and we are going to introduce you here our new figure from our lovely FamousBrick series.

What’s in it for you


Completely assembled
with all its extras


Black brick
for a solid stand


This brick transforms your figure
into a fancy magnet

Info card

Proof of exclusivity
for your figure

Steve Jobs as cable holder
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates out of LEGO®
Steve Jobs magnet

Famous Frame

Our "Famous Frame" put your favorite figures in the right light. The wooden frame is 1,75 inch deep and the lovely figures are placed behind a glass pane. Exclusive, isn't it? With its dimensions of 10 x 10 inches, the frame finds a place on every wall and it reminds to a noble gallery exhibition. The "Famous Frame" is delivered already assembled with white plates so that up to 6 figures can be placed.

This gadget is the best addition to our figures. It's a perfect gift not only for your friends but also for yourself! Stunning views of visitors and guests in your own four walls or in the office are guaranteed ...

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Who we are

Behind the scenes of FamousBrick is a little manual factory in Lindau – located at the biggest lake in Germany. As kids we fell in love with the colorful LEGO® bricks and its figures. Today, we manually assemble our own figures with 100% original LEGO® bricks.

We give everyone the chance to host tech-idols in their homes or offices or to simple extend the LEGO® portfolio by figures that will most probably be never officially available. It all started with Steve Jobs, was soon extended and we are now looking forward to add more and more to our exclusive portfolio.

What’s cooking

We are full of ideas for new figures. Be among the first to be informed about new figures by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also join our list of exclusive customers to have everything delivered to their inbox.

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