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FamousBrick Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

Idols out of Lego

Behind the scenes of FamousBrick is a little manual factory in Lindau – located at the biggest lake in Germany. As kids we fell in love with the colorful LEGO® bricks and its figures. Today, we manually assemble our own figures with 100% original LEGO® bricks.

FamousBrick Auswahl
FamousBrick Lager

The idea

We give everyone the chance to host tech-idols in their homes or offices or to simple extend the LEGO® portfolio by figures that will most probably be never officially available. It all started with Steve Jobs, was soon extended and we are now looking forward to add more and more to our exclusive portfolio.

FamousBrick Manufaktur

Our figures

We are full of ideas for new figures. Be among the first to be informed about new figures by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also join our list of exclusive customers to have everything delivered to their inbox.

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FamousBrick Office



Pascal Giessler
Hoyerbergstraße 67
88131 Lindau (Bodensee)

Phone: +49 8382 / 90 90 576